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LIB magazine - call for submissions!

LIB is a feminist magazine. UK based, not-for-profit, volunteer run. With the first issue set for publication late September 2011, LIB seeks to provide its readers with articles on feminist issues and topics as well as news, reviews and some lighter reading to boot.

Call for Contributions:

Have something you want to say? Got something to get off your chest? Or have you read a good book you want to... tell others about? LIB is now looking for contributions for its first issue. We need:

- Articles. Short or long.
- Reviews (books, music, film and so on)
- Anything on events September onwards you wish to promote
- Whatever else you think of!

Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind. We want the first issue to be jammed! Deadline for contributions is 1st September

Call for Illustrators:

Got some creative flair? Want to create an accompanying illustration for an article? Get in touch to add your name to our list of illustrators.

Contact LIB at: lib.magazine@gmail.com to express interest in either of the above, NOW!

LIB on Facebook
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