riot_emo_boy (riot_emo_boy) wrote in manifesta_uk,

call for entries!

hey people!
I'm helping with the organising of this years ladyfest in cardiff and me and my friend are left in charge of organising the art for the event. if yr a female artist and would like to show yr work let me know and
I thought it would be a great idea to get a mail art project going for the event. It would be a way for girls and women all over the world to contribute to the event and everything we recieve will be shown as a piece at the event.

So send us anything like paintings, stories of yr experiences or something you feel strongly about, something thats changed yr life, fictional ones, yr favourite mixtape track listings and why you love that mixtape, zines you've created or love, secrets, photos or just letters :)

If you'd like to get involved leave me a comment or e mail me at and we can go from there, thanks in advance to anyone who will take the oppertunity to get involved

(x-posted about the place)
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