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ladfest awareness alldayer

To celebrate and raise awareness of the upcoming Leeds Ladyfest 2007, manifesta, the Leeds-based feminist collective are hosting an all-dayer music event on Saturday July 8th, at The Commonplace (23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds LS2 7EQ) from 4pm till late, with some of the UK’s best female fronted bands; tickets costing £5.

• Wet Dog (London) - All-girl three-piece mustering up minimal, atonal punkpop with a scratchy guitar, trebly bass and drums which pound and shuffle along
• Corey Orbison (Bristol) – pure-heart-stop-start-noise-nik three-piece outfit; injecting hardcore-punk with a healthy sense of wimpiness and fun. smart kids with sharp instruments and tuff-enuff looks
• Sky Larkin (Leeds) - Frequently overwhelming, dark, upbeat, frantic and utterly charming. At the junction where rock and pop meet, with an attitude and forcefulness behind the music which grabs the attention, and leave you wanting more
• Lake Me (Newcastle) – Guitars, drums and vocals conjuring up beautiful tales of the heart
• Drei (Brighton) - Sultry twisted dark jazz-grooves, cello, flute, vocals and drums
• Drunk Granny (Cardiff) - Hyper-electric, riot grrrl duo; full of noise and wit
• Das Wanderlust (Teesside) - 100mph Fisher Price Pop with noisy guitars, bleepy keyboards, fuzz bass, bang/crash drums and shouty girl vocals
• Ruby Tombs (Leeds) - robotic primitive trash, with barbaric jungle drums, creepy thrashpop guitars, and thugish squeeled vocals! Rounded off with horror organ and sci-fi sound effects!
• Dirt Blonde (Liverpool) - Like a punk rock orchid; shockingly beautiful, tragically delicate, and so immediate that if you blink, you’ll miss them

Ladyfest Leeds ( will take place in Spring 2007 to celebrate the creative and organisational talents of women in Leeds and Yorkshire through arts and music. It aims to bring together the energy, ideas and experience of individuals, voluntary and community organisations, colleges and universities, and the statutory sector.

Ladyfest Leeds has a DIY ethos: all the organisers are volunteers and any profits made will go to charity. The theme of the festival will be empowerment and self-representation through art and music.
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