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10pm - 3am
SOUL CIRCUS 159 Lower Briggate, LEEDS, LS1 6LY

It’s the new Manifesta club night, borne of Pussy Whipped and Razzmatazz, and it’s swift becoming legendary. We’ve expanded into two rooms, so now there’s a soothing peaceful flipside in the smaller bar to the sweaty craziness upstairs.

We are the bored scene agitators, DIY feminist/queer cultural activists, zine-devotees, ladyfesters, radical knitters, faithful dancers, mix tape lovers, house party losers, and we are not cool. We want a place where pleasure, politics and music mingle in one space, where voices of dissent lie over beats, synchronised dance routines and alcoholic drinks. We think musical genres were made to be ripped, cut up, and pasted back in ways that leave us begging for more, from queercore, riot grrrl, punk, rock n roll, electro-pop-queer-beat, to indie-trash-glam-randomness. It’s the sound of the bedroom dancefloor revolution as we play songs that make your heart beat just that little bit faster. We want to create a space free from the intimidating, hipster, leeds-as-next-big-thing, dress coded, soul-sucking, profit-making mediocrity. Hegemony = enemy. They can just go and Suck Our Left One.

We welcome ladies, gentlemen, grrrls and queers of all genders, persuasions, shapes and sizes to dance recklessly without fear of ridicule, twat-titude or evaluation

UPSTAIRS: Le Tigre, Gossip, Controller.Controller, Robots in Disguise, Sleater Kinney, Scream Club, The Slits, Raincoats, Melt Banana, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Ghost Mice, The Organ, The Au Pairs, Erase Errata, Spitboy, The Third Sex, The Butchies, Lunachicks, Ut, Gravy Train!!!!, Scissor Girls, The Grates, Manic Cough, Numbers, Deerhoof, DNA, Dominatrix, The Gits, The Evens, Team Dresch, Spider and the Webs, Kevin Blechdom, Shoplifting, ESG, Theo and the Skyscrapers, Motormark, Bis, P J Harvey, Blondie, Breeders, Kaito, The Runaways, Patti Smith, Babes in Toyland, Mz Sojourn, Aretha Franklin, The Corey O’s, Partyline, 45 Grave, Beehive and the Barracudas, Red Aunts, Discount, Hang on the Box, Help She Can’t Swim, Les Georges Leningrad, Woman, Autolux, Retching Red, LiLiPUT, Juliette and the Licks…

DOWNSTAIRS: Cat Power, Bjork, Arab Strap, Patrick Wolf, Kristin Hersh, Jeff Lewis, Architecture in Helsinki, TV on the Radio, Mary Timony, Herman Dune, Mrs Pilgrimm, Death Cab for Cutie, Lianne Hall, Regina Spektor, Holcombe Waller, Throwing Muses, Nina Nastasia, Magnetic Fields, Amy Ray, Kimya Dawson, Scout Niblett, Aislers Set, Tori Amos, Neutral Milk Hotel, Laura Veirs, Arcade Fire, Lush, the Hangovers, Joanna Newsom, Islands, Aphex Twin, Luscious Jackson, Bic Runga, Plaid, Eels, Phoenix, Julie Ruin, Mercury Rev, Drugstore…
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