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Manifesta is...

a DIY not for profit collective of women and men who like to put on and attend rocking events and give support to each other in resisting the evil capitalist boy rock trash trend that is other 'alternative' music scenes. Although there is a lot of fun to be had there too it's sometimes a little draining on the soul. So in the summer of 2002 Julia, Amy and Emma got real pissed off that the music we loved wasn't getting showcased and supported and instead was this false fake pretentious manufactured distortion of what music was out there that didn't really advocate female involvement or action. So we set up a club night and started putting on gigs. We were also pissed off at the lack of females in bands in the local music scene so we set up a series of girl friendly practice spaces so that girls and boys cold demystify instruments, make links and nework with others to form bands. Then there's other things like a dodgy radio show on LSR (Leeds Student radio) and the collective zine Assess Your Weapons. So that's what we are a bunch of angry young women trying to make something positive happen so that we could feel a little calmer about the state of the music scene. There just doesn't seem to be a network dedicated to supporting women in music so we're trying to create the balance.

So get involved! Don't be content with a strange email/ internet relationship and get your hands dirty. We try and get people involved as much as possible and encourage people to start up their own projects because that's the only way things can really change. If you're wanting to go to a show but don't know where to start visit the girl gig guide for recommended shows in the area. For more information on what Pussy Whipped was and if you want to take part in carrying it on see the press release or visit it's very own page. If you want to be in a band and don't know where to start or don't know any people you want to make music with see the girl friendly practice sessions page. If you are in a band and crave playing at female centred shows see our events page and if you want to send us a demo or there are any support slots going get in touch. If you are in a band and want advice on what to do next see our for bands page. If you want to put on your own show but don't know where to start visit our how to put on a show page packed with useful information to get you going. Also check out the UK band network page to fill your shows with some cool under-rated talent out there or if you're in a band network with some cool bands think of the possibilities! If you are a writer you can contribute to our collective zine Assess Your Weapons. If you want to start your own club night and don't have a clue visit our how to be a DJ page we could train you, give you a set and bombard you with advice on practicalities. We've got our online manifesta distro up and running full of cool underground zines, records, merch and much much more.

There is enough crap around saying how we should just passively consume and support the mess around us. Manifesta offers an alternative way of being in the world. So be active because you never know what you can acheive until you try. If you'd told me when we'd started that what we were embarking on would mean that I would help run a successful club night, become a DJ, learn to play the drums from scratch, be in band that opened Ladyfest Manchester 2003, support the Gossip, Katastrophe Wife and Gravy Train I would have thought you were taking the piss. Along the way I've met some really great people that I wouldn't be able to live without now. So to be part of Manifesta I'd advise you to pick up your guitar/ bass/ drumsticks/ decks/ pen/ mix tape machine and write/ create/ destroy. Because after all we only have each other and we've got to show the world that we can fucking well stick up for each other because nobody else will!

Julia manifesta x x x

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Website: http://www.manifesta.co.uk
Email us on: letsgetwhipped@hotmail.com

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